SYNERGY INFRA & PROJECTS is into the business of electrical engineering product sourcing, consulting & services solution. With a history of success and a network of branches, we provide you with an integrated product solution for reliable product solutions along with preventive maintenance schedule, shutdown maintenance and project delivery in the evolving globalized world. Proactive rather than reactive, we are at the forefront of new specialties and advantageous alliances. We are here to enhance people's lifestyles and the economy through our engineering services. Our services are distinctive because they are continuous. Our adaptability and the solid communication between branches mean we deliver results against all odds and external challenges.

The level of service and anticipation of market trends are what shape us. Why? Because we are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied no matter how large or small your project is. We also focus on what society really needs and hence pay special attention to the environment and communities.

SYNERGY INFRA & PROJECTS currently operates on a PAN India basis with one centrally located head office that brings more than a higher success ratio for customer satisfaction.